And It Begins

This is it. One year of planning and now we are less that one month away!

Just under a year ago myself and my girlfriend made an unalterable decision to quit our jobs and try our luck at travelling, after a much umming and erring (on her side) we had finally got to the point of going to a travel agency to book our trip. My main goal was South East Asia as most travellers do, but, we ended up booking a round the world trip starting off in America and ending up in Asia. Now i am not from a travelled family. I only went on one holiday as a child and didn’t really go abroad until i turned 21 so to put it in other words i was gassed to be booking this dream trip.

It might seem very daunting and expensive to book but believe me I am far from wealthy and have managed to pay and plan (very careful planning) this trip ourselves. So our first stop, America. We decided that a month there was long enough we would visit a few states we wanted then onward with our journey. We choose New York why not, Washington see Barack, Miami obviously, Denver if you know you know,  Vegas and LA of course.  Spending a few days in each place. From LA the trip continues we to fly to Fiji then Bali, Singapore then finally South East Asia were we will travel around for as long as our bank will last! Hopefully we win the lottery or something :).

So now we are here the months of planning and the everyday excitement of counting down days, working extra shifts and its all finally about to pay off, less than 30 days until we leave. You know I’ve never felt this kinda inner happiness and peace knowing that soon i won’t be getting up at 5am to get on an overloaded sweltering underground train in busy London, instead I will be waking up to amazing views in places unknown to me waiting to be explored and life long memories made. they say the world is your oyster so i’m about to put my blue plastic one down and find the ones at the bottom of the sea. Come along for a journey from the hustle and bustle of city life to the tranquillity the world has to offer.

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7 thoughts on “And It Begins

  1. I hope you’re gunna keep up this blog while you’re away!!! I’ll be living life through your stories. Can’t wait for the adventure to begin! Love you guys 😘


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