Counting The Days

17 days, that’s all we have left. Time has come creeping up on us so quickly we hardly noticed. 9 months ago we booked this and I remember my girlfriend getting that count down app and saying “Ahh its so far away”. And now its here. I work at Facebook doing building security and honestly its a lovely job, everybody is so welcoming and social, we have an amazing working environment offering an onslaught of free food, a games room and even sleeping pods! But now the only thing consuming my daily thoughts is my last shift 🙂 I will definitively miss working here and the amazing people I have met and worked with while I was here. This trip would not have been so smoothly and easily planned if it wasn’t for STA Travel they have a number of amazing routes to chose from that can be taylored for your perfect trip, so yeah shout out Alex.

The Trip

We are aiming for a 6 month trip but…..I’m sure we would happily stay for as long as possible. Our first country on our adventure is America. We have a 8 hour flight to The Big Apple. Our first stop and my will power is already being tested. I could so easily spend all our money on clothes, trainers and fine dining, but i am sure the Mrs would probably slap me leave me and I would go home broke single with a suitcase full of clothes. So for now I will be happy just to be there soaking up the atmosphere with a bagel, a slice of cheesecake pondering gazing at the statue of liberty.  For our time in America we are staying in Airbnb apartments. For those who haven’t heard of Airbnb this is a website offering short stay accommodation in peoples homes. You have the option of renting a room or an entire apartment. We have stayed in some great locations for a fraction of what a hotel would cost and the places are usually amazing. For us hostels were a no no as we need our space and hotels were a definite no. Airbnb offer such a variety of accommodation at amazing prices and give you the opportunity to live with a local who’s knowledge can be key to enjoying your time. It was our first choice and I highly recommend it . We will be staying in an area called Little Ferry so if you have any tips for us don’t be shy. We are in New York for 5 nights. Then its off to see the most powerful man in the world, Barack.


Dab On Em Planning

Washington D.C couldn’t be missed we will be staying here for 3 nights. We will be staying in North East Washington, they say it is not far from central and is a good location we will have to find out. Once we have finished here we are on to the next destination which is Miami!

Now for Miami we managed to rent our own flat which I cannot wait for as we will be staying on Miami beach for 8 nights (feeling like Scarface). The apartment looks amazing and from what I have heard about Miami the place is too. Now I’m sure most people will be wanting to go clubbing and partying but me, I’m more of a lay on the beach and hit the gym kinda guy so I will definitively be hitting up the famous Iron Addicts gym. I will be doing daily blogs and vlogs when out there so stay tuned! Again if you have any advice or tips on places we should go feel free to send me a message or leave a comment :). After spending some time in lovely Miami we are off to Denver.

Now Denver is somewhere I wanted to go because of a certain law they have legalised (I won’t say any more). We will be spending 3 nights in Denver just seeing what it has to offer. Again we will be staying Airbnb this time renting a room in someones house. One thing I must say is that all the people we will be staying with sound very friendly and accepting which is very welcoming. From here we head on to another destination. Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps.


Viva Las Vegas

Las Vegas is another must visit place for us in our American journey. This time we have opted to stay in an hotel, surprisingly it wasn’t that expensive and came in the same price as an Airbnb. It will be a nice change as well to have the luxury of a hotel. Again my will power is going to be tested I will have to fight the urge and remember I am NOT Dan Bilzerian. We will be spending 3 nights in this amazing place. The anticipation to feel the intense heat of the Vegas desert is something I cannot wait for. So many “summers” spent in London wearing jackets it will be a lovely change to wear shorts for so long. Somewhere i want to visit is the Mayweather gym. As someone who’s into fitness and gym this is one place I can’t miss out on. I was planning to jog there, train then jog back to the hotel but I have been told the heat and humidity will kill me. We will see how my stamina really is and put it too the test. Our next stop in our American adventure will be our last. California to be more specific Los Angeles.

LA is another highly anticipated destinations. Myself I’m interested in 3 things….Golds gyms…Motocross and medicinal reasons. My girlfriend however whom I’m sure will have a different agenda that will include sunbathing, Hollywood and shops but in sure we will meet in the middle. We will be staying in Santa Monica in another Airbnb hosts house. This wraps up our busy scheduled month in America we are in LA for our last 7 days then we are on to in my eyes somewhere that sounds so exotic and far out that I never imagined I would be spending time there. Fiji.

cloud 9

Cloud 9 Fiji

Fiji looks like a heavenly island straight from a holiday magazine. I have been told that there is a floating bar in the middle of the crystal clear sea called Cloud 9 where you can spend days relaxing and diving, the local food is meant to be fresh and delicious accompanied by friendly, welcoming locals. Sound too good to be true? There could be one flaw. I have been told that there is a deadly Fijian sea snake that can kill but doesn’t attack. Thought it was too good, but that won’t stop me enjoying my time diving off boats and cliffs into the enticing clear waters. We are spending 14 nights on this beautiful slice of paradise in the South Pacific ocean, this for me this is when our real adventure begins. We chose to stay in a backpackers hostel ( I know i said no hostels but we have a private room) so we can soak up some atmosphere, meet people and hopefully hear tales of others amazing journeys. From living in London most shops you go into sell the over priced Fiji water so I am going to make it my mission to find a fresh water river and drink straight from it and taste it from the source. Once our time here is spent we then move on to our next destination of Indonesia more exact Bali.

island hopin


From Bali on wards we have no timescale or specific routes planned. We will be going upwards though through South East Asia visiting Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Philippines. This part of our journey I am going to find most enjoyable, forgetting days, trying exquisite local cuisine, meeting hundreds of new people and seeing some of the most amazing sights this world has to offer. I did say in my last post that I will start uploading videos so as of next week i will start vlogging via my YouTube channel


Exotic Island Hoping

So that is our route. With time still slowly creeping up on us all that’s left for us to do is buy some final bits and pack our back packs and get on the plane, so don’t forget to follow my Instagram to see all my latest pictures and if you like this so far gimme a like a follow 🙂 20-09-16.


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  1. Bro if you and Cami are passing through Bali I will hook you up ok…? I’m in Jakarta but I got some seriously cool connections in Bali or you can visit me in Jakarta or I can come to Bali and see you guys? Holla at me on FB- Niko saints yeah?


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