The Journey

Today is the day. Our first step to living out our dream. It started out with a broken, nervous sleep the night before, waking up to a house with no milk for cereal (which is never a good start). Then came the checking and double checking of the backpack that i’m almost certain I have over packed, but, you can never have too many t shirts or trainers.  Zipped it up padlocked it and put aside by the door patiently waiting to be picked up and taken across the world. This is when the over excitement and butterflies set in. My head swirling around pondering if we had made the right decision? What job am I going to do when I get back? currently taking the biggest step in my life so far, that’s when the butterflies stopped and certainty set in. I knew I was doing the right thing and was fully committed to making this amazing journey work. The time had arrived, I had to meet the amazing girlfriend at the station. I was greeted by big smiles and an even bigger backpack, you have to understand shes only 5ft 3″ she could literally fit in her bag but she held it strong and happy that the time had actually come around where she is wearing it, meaning we are off! We opted out of getting a taxi to the airport realizing that we are going to have to start pinching pennies and cut out the little western world so called luxuries out, anyway the train was hassle free and took half the time and way over half the price.


So we finally made it to the airport both with grins competing with the Cheshire Cat covering our faces as we head over to check in. I checked in hassle free, but, Camilla has an extraordinary surname which is 3 names long and it was that point we was informed our  travel agent had only put her last one so when it came to her checking in we was unable to as it didn’t match her passport. Our hearts literally sunk deep down and that grin was swiftly wiped off our faces. All we was thinking is we haven’t even left the country and we have our first obstacle. For us both to get the flight her name had to be changed so really it wasn’t that big of an issue, it was then we was told because our travel agent booked our flights they would have to make the changes. Now an hour passed that felt more like 3, and the only thing running through our minds is that we are not going to make this flight. So this is what we was being told.

Option 1) we could buy a new ticket for way over a thousand pound.

Option 2) get another flight on another day for cheaper.

Option 3) wait to see if our agent could fix the problem.

Option 3 it was the other 2 were just a big slap in the face. low and behold our savior agent came to our rescue with the new amended ticket! Just like to shout out STA Travel for amending the ticket. So we finally checked in made it through security, ate (a tequila to calm the ticket stress) boarded the plane and hassle free.

For my first long haul flight it went rather smoothly. I thought i would be restless and frigidity, but it turned out I was sleep before it took off. Camilla on the other hand couldn’t sleep of find a comfy position, how unfortunate.


So here we are. New York! About to live the american dream, or try to at least 🙂 The customs process was one of the longest i have been through. So many questions being asked, finger prints being taken and pictures, but it went hassle free as well. So we had our route to the apartment planned out for us luckily by our very helpful Airbnb host. As we finally stepped out of the airport the humidity was the first thing we noticed and the general business of the whole are, but directly in front of us was the iconic yellow taxi which soon had me taking pictures acting like right tourist (of which w are). A coach took us direct to central Manhattan where we needed to get another coach to our apartment. One thing I realized right away was the sheer size of all the vehicles, nine out of ten vehicles where massive pick up trucks, a nice change to all the small fiesta and Prius we have in London. The anticipation to drive one with some 50 Cent blasting is building up.

14453929_1027516317365204_1963897585_oIt seemed is if the journey was never going to end. We had been up now for nearly 24 hours but all was coming to an end for our first day we had arrived at our new home. After a short introduction we was handed the keys and went off to our spacious room. Finally a bed and here we are knackered but happy to be home safe. Let the adventure begin! Oh and I promise when I get home tonight I will edit some videos and upload to YouTube.


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