Let the walking commence 

Our first morning in New York. After an amazing jet lagged sleep we woke up bright and fresh. Any other couple would have gotten ready and headed straight to the main attractions right? Well us on the other hand searched google maps for the nearest Walmart and headed straight for that. Over the years I have heard so much talk about American supermarkets and how big and great the food is so it is only right I check it out. Boy we was in for a treat. If you love food as much as I do then this is supermarket heaven. They sell everything in normal and large potions. Food and treats I have only dreamed about tasting over the years from being teased by seeing them in movies or hearing about them in music. To finally be in Walmart picking up a gallon of koolaid, well I couldn’t be any happier. Honestly it’s amazing. Imagine the largest box of cereal we get back in the UK, now that is the average size box over here. Lucky Charms to Froot Loops, the cereal we all wish we had back home. It’s true all the portions are built for hungry people with appetites that matches Adam Richman. But hey who’s complaining? After traipsing around Walmart for a while like two children in a sweet shop we finally made up our minds, paid and headed home to tuck into the delicious bags of goodies we had just purchased.


After this delightful trip to Walmart we headed home ate and prepared ourselves for the day. With no main plan for the day we headed into Manhattan to begin our journey. Upon arrival to this busy, amazing town still the only thing on my mind was New York Cheesecake, but with hour to find this delicious delicacy we headed to times square.

Now I have lived in London all my life so I kinda thought I knew what busy and rush hour was. I was so wrong. This place was alive with people. Everywhere we looked there was something going on, street performers to local vendors, massive animated billboards and even Spiderman himself is willing to take a picture with you. The place was alive. We was in awe, soaking up the atmosphere left right and center. It was then Camilla suggested we head over to Central Park to see the other side to this amazing city. After a long straight walk past many blocks we made it, and it seemed as if we was in a different city. Yes it was still busy with tourists and commuters alike but there was a different vibe here. A tranquility and slower pace. As we entered I noticed a no smoking sign. Neither of us smoke so it had no affect on us, but to be walking around a lovely park without the constant smell of cigarettes in your face i thought is a lovely touch that adds to the whole opposite vibe this park has to the busy center. It’s like a getaway from all the noise and hustle of central Manhattan. One thing we didn’t expect was the sheer size of the park. It is massive. What felt like hours and miles walked turned out to be not even half the park, but that didn’t matter as the weather and environment was keeping us more than entertained just walking around.


Who’s walking who?

After what seemed like hours of relaxed walking it came to our attention we was actually rather tired, it had seems the park had got us. We needed to find a spot for us to rest our weary legs, with this we headed back towards times square. This proved easier said than done, again the cheer size of this place had beaten us. If we knew where we was going a push bike might have been an option, but we had no idea and the roads seemed treacherous. After more weary walking we had made it and found a lovely shop that made fresh smoothies and delicious looking sandwiches. Once we was refueled we headed out again into the busy streets of New York, this time though I had an idea of where I wanted to go. Flight Club a sneaker heads dream. Back in London Jordan’s and other trainers are very hard to find especially in the larger sizes and as I am a larger fellow nowhere ever has my size. This was trainer heaven, everything had my size and even bigger! I had never seen such a variety of colorful and rare trainers. This is when my amazing girlfriend hit me with the home truth. It is our first day we have six months to go am i really going to be wearing a pair of $200 Jordan’s in Fiji? Now of course I would was the answer I wanted to say but the sad truth was that it was the opposite. so with teary eyes I promised the trainer I will come back another time just to shop, and with this we left.

The day was coming to an end. Two worn out travelers wandering around on our last legs, but indefinitely we soldiered on. We stumbled across a sign that incited us. 99 cent pizza who doesn’t want a slice?

You know it was well worth eating, the slice was delicious and for that price we will be back. If you would like to try it out I have the address here so go and enjoy. 151 E 43rd St, New York, NY 10017.

As the day was coming to an end we decided to head back to times square and relax before our journey home. One thing that i have never seen before is naked women with only body paint on standing around waiting for people to take pictures with them for a small fee, this was a first for me. The thing was that they seemed to all have a person taking a picture with them. People make money with ingenious ideas. So the day was coming to an end, we was both exhausted from the amount of walking and ground we had covered, but there.s always time for on more picture. So here is our last pic of the day. Enjoy it. And if this is your first time reading see how we started our journey here  Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram as well.


A Nervous Pic


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