The hunt for cheesecake 

So I’ll admit I have a sweet tooth. I love chocolate, I love Pudim and I love cheesecake especially New York vanilla cheesecake. Now Camilla is Brazilian and that dish I mentioned called Pudim is a concoction that is made up from condensed milk, eggs and milk and it is delicious but, I’m sure it could easily cause diabetes if consumed daily. But I digress from today’s antics.

After another sweltering bus journey we again arrived at Manhattan. Today’s plan was to get an American sim, go to the top of the Empire State Building and my personal favorite get a cheesecake. With this plan in motion we headed into central and into a few phone shops. After browsing we decided that AT&T had the best deals so we went ahead and purchased a sim. Now over here they seem to have a different set up to England. Back home you can just get a sim of a few pound then top it up as you see fit. Over here it seemed they only had rolling contracts of which I had to choose between data, calls and texts or both. You wasn’t able to just get a sim and top us as you wish so we ended up paying $75 for 7gb which should last a month. Now back home considering I pay £50 a month and have unlimited everything this seemed a bit expensive but what could we do as we needed a sim. One thing that was exceptional though was the customer service. A friendly fellow called Rob was the one who sweet talked us into parting with our money, but the information he revealed was worth the money. He told us there is a legendary cheesecake shop called juniors just around the corner from Times Square. With this delightful information we said out thanks and left the store.

Now I was on a mission. Camilla on the other hand isn’t a cheesecake fanatic so instead of going straight to juniors I was diverted in Macy’s department store to float around and look at all the lovely items that we couldn’t buy. But it is the famous Macy’s so I wasn’t fussed and knew that at some point today we was going to devour a New York cheesecake in New York. Upon exit of Macy’s I noticed a footlocker across the street, as a trainer lover and living in England deprived of all the amazing trainers and sizes America had to offer, the decision was made and we entered. There was something different about this store though, there was a certain buzz about it, but it’s New York so it seemed normal. We floated around for a while with me wishing I could buy them all and ship them home but of course that was out of the question so we headed towards the exit. We then noticed there was a crowd of people with cameras poised all looking in one direction so being ever so curious we asked what was going down. To our surprise the fastest man on earth Usain Bolt was in footlocker doing signings! Amazing luck ay! We joined the crowd waiting for a glimpse of the legend himself and it didn’t take long. He was in a closed off room checking out some trainers, we only had to wait a few minutes for him to pop out and make his exit we had our cameras ready. So we managed to get a small clip I put the link in here if you want to check it out p.s. yes he looked at me.

After all that excitement we headed out and towards the Empire State building, while we was on route we met the people who sell the tickets outside and they had some tantalizing offers. So offers got chose and it was decided that instead of going today we wold go tomorrow but not to the Empire State but to the Statue of Liberty  and The New World Trade Center. With tickets purchased we finally made our way to Juniors bakery. After a short high paced walk we had made it, I was like a child in a sweet shop. Now back home I would buy  whole cheesecake and slowly munch my way through half with a satisfied grin on my face, so over here when I had to buy a slice I was a little disappointed but that frown was quickly turned upside down. The cake was amazing and to make it worse it was so rich and tasty it was hard to even finish a slice but of course we both finished them.

For sure after that we felt very fat indeed but we was both so pleased with this fat feeling we didn’t care. Junior’s we will be back! After this delicious desert we headed towards Times Square to  soak up some of the amazing atmosphere/ sit down and let that cheesecake digest. As always the place was alive so we found a spot and perched our greedy self’s. Eventually we decided to make our journey home. Feeling full of desert my never satisfied tummy wanted more food but the food situation was slowly getting to me, all this city seems to offer is pizza slices, burgers and McDonald’s. I needed a Nandos or some rice and meat, however when i informed my lovely girlfriend Camilla she looked at me in shock called me fat and she made the decision that we was going home. Tomorrow i would make it my mission to find some rice and meat.


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