Busy Living Life

It has been nearly 2 months since my last post, I feel like I let myself down a little. This comes with a reasonable excuse. I have been enjoying life! Since my last post we have taken 9 flights, traveled across America, survived a hurricane, slept in an airport, met the friendliest native people in Fiji BULA! Spent the day on a private island in the middle of the south pacific, treated ourselves in Brisbane eating Nandos and other home treats, linked up with friends in Miami and Bali, had a villa with a swimming pool in our living room and survived riding a moped on treacherous roads in Bali.

I don’t know where to start so what I am going to do is write many different blog posts from previous day and post previous blogs that I failed to upload just to catch up on where we are. I will also try and upload current posts to keep it relevant. So consider this post an apology to people like Duane and the Facebook gang, Family members who daily ask for updates, all my Doddinghurst family (quick congrats to Javis and his mrs on their baby boy!) and to everyone else who was reading. We are now currently in Bali, Seminyak to be exact for a few days, we will then travel to Ubud later on to Gili Trawangan and our last stop Jakarta. So click the links and see some pictures and hopefully the next post will keep you entertained and waiting for more. P and C



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