Feeling Like Mowgli

After a hectic hour and a half drive on treacherous roads we had arrived in Ubud. Located in central Bali surrounded by breathe taking temples, luscious greenery and an untold amount of rice paddies on multiple leveled steps Ubud has a lovely calm and quiet vibe. Coming from the more busy town of Seminyak it is a nice change. We only have a few days here but intend to make the most from our exquisite surroundings.


Standard procedure in Bali

As the driver slows up we arrive at our home for the next few days. Always a bit skeptical when we arrive at new accommodation, when you consider the price you pay you kind of always expect something very basic with a hard bed. Our visions where swiftly changed as we pulled up to a lovely temple like reception with statues of Vishnu and Ganesha. We was greeted by the friendliest of staff and a glass of Indonesian ice tea. After a short briefing and run down of the local area we was shown to our room.

After a little freshen up and wardrobe change we headed out to the nearest warung for our favorite nasi goreng. With full tummies we went to explore our surroundings where I made my first purchase. I have been waiting for the whole trip. A ukulele, and a very beautiful one at that. I made the decision to learn it while we are traveling around. As a young teen I learned (halfhearted) the guitar but as I grew older I let it slide and can safely say now I can barely play a riff, but its never to late. Considering back home I was going to purchase one for around £60 when the street vendor handed me a hand carved one with beautiful engravings for a mere 160 thousand rupees (£10) I was instantly sold. Walking away with a smile on my face Camilla then said; how are you going to manage with all your luggage and now this? But one doesn’t care and will deal with this when the time arrives, for now I was happy. With this we headed home and our fist night was concluded.


The beauty

Now here we are, it’s mid morning and we are getting ready for our first full day of exploring beautiful Ubud. First thing on the agenda is the monkey sanctuary, for those who do not know about this little gem it is a sacred sanctuary and temple persevered by locals based on the concept of Tri Hita Karana. This is one of the philosophies in Hinduism. It is broken down like this. Tri meaning three, Hita which means happiness and Karana which means the cause or manner thus when put together meaning “Three ways to reach spiritual and physical well being. It all does sound very nice but for the more simpler/sophisticated mind there are lots of monkey that will jump on you and you can touch.



After our spiritual and monkey calling our plans are all open they will probably consist of food and more temples. This concludes this mornings tales will see you all this evening and to all my people in England good morning we will be thinking of you while you board the busy underground for the morning rush hour 🙂 bye.



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